Our Quality Commitments SMC Laboratories


  • Each action carried out by an employee of the company is the subject of a written procedure updated regularly, then ofa control by a hierarchical superior then validated by our Quality Manager, on a recorded and traceable quality document.

Thus we strive to improve our quality assurance procedures day after day, within the framework of a permanent self-control and a close link with the various Swiss state control services.

  • An independent laboratory carries out bi- to tri-annual analyses of our CBD oils (pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, pollutants, bacteriological proliferation), in order to guarantee our customers their perfect harmlessness and the highest quality standard.
  • The percentages of CBD/ and THC/ of each production batch is also analyzed. The rates announced on the packing correspond perfectly to what there isin the bottle. The non-conforming products are immediately destroyed or returned.
  • We ensure the quality of our subcontractors and the compliance of their quality procedures and products with Swiss and European regulations.
  • Our CBD oils are made from hemp varieties listed in the European Catalogue of Authorized Varieties, not from Swiss "legal cannabis", which is not export-compliant.
  • Comme l’exigent les cadres légaux Suisses et Européens, nos huiles CBD font l’objet d’un dossier d’information établit par le toxicologue d’un laboratoire indépendant, garant de sa parfaite sécurité d’emploi.
  • From studies (stability, compatibility, in vitro evaluation) are carried out through detailed detailed and standardized test protocols.

SWISS MEDICAL CANNABIS S.A. is the result of a real work done in an eco-responsible dimension. The confidence of our consumers is one of the fundamental pillars of our action.

More than ever, we at SMC Laboratories are convinced of the need to evolve our models. We bring you the best science has to offer in the field of cannabinoids, believing that their benefits should be made available to as many people as possible.

Because our commitments are long term and part of a continuous quality improvement process. With SWISS MEDICAL CANNABIS S.A. you can count on the excellence of our professional and long-lasting expertise.


Our daily objectives


SMC Laboratories® is first and foremost a team composed of people who are all concerned by natural and alternative medicines. We put our skills and knowledge at your service in order to bring you innovative solutions and to clearly guide you through our entire range.


There are many international studies on cannabinoids. Cannabidiol (CBD) is administered in many countries to people looking for alternative solutions to their problems.


We produce our plants with bioethical and organic processes. We select our partners who, like us, favor this method of cultivation while respecting an eco-responsible policy.